3x Conversion Rate Via Email

Denmarks Radio Concert Hall

(1-2 minute read)


Prior to integrating Allyy.io, Denmark’s Radio (DR) Concert Hall, like many organizations, dispatched uniform emails to their entire newsletter subscriber base. At most, they segmented emails for broad recipient groups. Given DR’s diverse concert offerings, ranging from children’s performances to rock and classical concerts, crafting tailored messages for each segment was both complex and time-intensive.


Traditional logic suggested that a patron who attended a Jazz concert would likely be interested in future Jazz events. However, DR’s research indicated that musical tastes often transcend genres. For instance, an individual might enjoy both a Nick Cave rock concert and a Steve Aioki electronic show. This highlighted the limitations of rule-based segmentation: it couldn’t capture the multifaceted interests of subscribers. Moreover, studies revealed that over 90% of consumers desired more relevant communications from brands.
Without action, DR faced potential revenue losses, diminished live event attendance, and an increased risk of being marked as spam or facing unsubscribes. Additionally, the challenge of promoting niche concerts, which may not be top sellers but are essential due to DR’s public service commitment, remained unresolved.


Rule-based systems, while structured, inherently carry human biases. They demand regular updates, and personnel changes can disrupt their continuity. Recognizing these challenges, DR sought a solution that offered automated individualization without the burdens of maintenance, sidestepping extensive IT projects. Allyy.io emerged as the optimal choice, enabling full personalization for all newsletter subscribers. This not only accelerated their market reach but also proved cost-effective compared to maintaining a rules in their Marketing Automation system


The impact of personalized content on DR Concert Hall’s outreach was profound. Over a two-year span, they witnessed a remarkable 147% increase in Click Through Rate and a 300% surge in sales from emails. The email creation and dispatch process became fully automated, with templates incorporating placeholders that seamlessly fetch ranked recommendations from Allyy.io’s API.

In essence, through strategic personalization, DR Concert Hall has not only enhanced user engagement but also set a benchmark in email marketing efficacy.