Individualized Audiences For Sales

Find the best audiences for acquisition, cross- and up-selling in any channel

Email Sales
Telemarketing Sales
SoMe Conversions

Find The Best Audiences

Onboard, and have our models predict who to reach and who not to.

Our unique use of AI will work with you to find the audiences for any activity in any sales campaign targeting leads or customers, i.e., turning the conversion rate into a rocket ship.

We use’s Sales Audience to identify the leads that are the most likely to convert, and does that with great success.”

Simon Ahm, MarTech Lead, Falck

Maximize Profit On Your Telemarketing Activities

Call lists are created by choosing the right offer for each person in the audience, combined with the possibility of a successful call and the likelihood of a purchase.

Profit curves created by the system will give you an expectation of the outcome of your campaign before you initiate it and where you should set the cut to achieve maximum profit.

Boost Email Conversions & Avoid Spam

Increase your conversion rate by targeting the proper email recipients for your offer. Avoid fatigue and unsubscription by being relevant in your communication. will help you to select the right audience based on the desired share of the potential you want to reach within a spam rate limit.

SoMe Clickthrough Boost For Lesser Budget

Increase your click-through rate and reduce costs whether you are targeting known contacts or trying to find new leads using look-a-like audiences.

Based on the content of your ad, the system will find the relevant audiences or look-a-like audiences among your contacts and provide a list of email addresses for SoMe campaigns.

SMS & Push Notifications To The Right People

Optimize the outcome of your messaging activities by selecting the right message for the right audience.

The system can pick the most relevant message alternative, if any, and combine this with the likelihood of a positive response.

You will avoid sending messages to recipients who will get annoyed. At the same time, you will increase the outcome of your campaigns.

Maximize The Profit With Direct Mail Cases

Get the most out of your budget by getting help selecting the correct address list for your direct mail campaigns.

For each potential recipient, the system will find the relevance of your message and only select recipients who have a high likelihood of responding positively to your message sent by direct mail.

Profit curves provided by your Allyy will help you to maximize the outcome within your budget by selecting the target audiences with the highest potential.

Key Features


Variable data structure where you can include all the particularities of your business

Machine Learning Created For Selecting Audiences

Automated machine learning that optimizes audience selection

Easy To Implement Generic Data Connectors

Connect to data tools and feed the automated machine learning models, simply

The Complete Automated Process From End To End

Daily operations without maintenance

Dashboards To Monitor The Results

Visualize the results of individualizing your website

Ease Of

Automated Workflows to connect processes