Individualized Website Gets DR To Index 163

DR Concert Hall

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Danish Radio (DR) Concert Hall was doing an impressive job personalizing their website with state-of-the-art marketing automation tools. Everything was segmented and there were rules built to cater to most visits. The best possible way to solve the challenge of individualization, right?


Well.. the catch of using segmentation and human logic to build rules is threefold. 

  • It is resource-heavy to build and requires extensive experience within the company to get it even close to right. 
  • It requires maintenance and is almost always built on dinosaur (read: old) data. 
  • It will never be fully tailored to each individual. 

The two first points might make you want to say, duh… of course it takes time. 

So let’s expose the hidden villain and why it will never result in a fully individualized setup. After all, individualization is the main reason why companies even dabble with segmentation and rule building in the first place. 

Well to be honest it is quite simple – We are all different people with different preferences and if you’ll allow a small analogy: It compares to putting people into a limited amount of boxes when they each should have their own.


So you just build more rules, right? That should make it more relevant. Or show everyone the same – so that everyone has the same experience?

Obviously, the answer to this should be “No”. 

Luckily, with data comes great opportunity. 

DR Concert Hall recognized that they had come as far as they could with rule building. In one way or another, they had to elevate above the already impressive setup. 

This predicament became the pilot project that made the foundation for what is today. 

Together, we set out to find the right content to showcase to each individual in real time. Fortunately, in today’s world, the amount of data available is imaginably bigger than the Himalayas.

So… what do you do when you have seemingly endless amounts of data available? 

We took a hill’s worth of AI, to analyze the content, in this case, the concert events including pictures and text. Then we added that up, with another hill of Machine Learning to create the mountain and its peak which is; fully individualized content recommendation, also known as

This allowed for a platform to feed data into. 

From DR Concert Hall, we got existing data from their marketing automation system, web history, purchase history, responses to previous marketing efforts, and 400+ events.


Through analysis of previously mentioned data and modeling, made it possible for DR Concert Hall to have real-time individualization for each of their website visitors. 

The result of extending the experience to a more individualized one is that DR grew the conversions by +15% directly from the website and an additional +20% larger basket size. After two years the turnover from the website is at index 163

DR Concert Hall has won various prizes for the quality of the customer experience. Something both the client and is incredibly proud of! 

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