Individualized Audiences For Loyalty

Find the best audience for, e.g., churn prevention in any channel.

Precision In Predictions
Success Rate vs. Baseline

Churn Prevention Enabled

Our platform provides you with continuously updated loyalty and churn scores based on customer profiles and customer response activity through different channels, which enable you to reach out in time to prevent churn and ensure your best customers stay happy.

“We chose after we considering working with churn prevention for a while. makes it easy and fast to identify the audience to build more customer loyalty.”

Christian Rohmann, Business Development & Marketing Manager at LetsGo

Proactive Customer Loyalty Building, Already From Onboarding

Many companies talk about churn prevention but wouldn’t it be better to flip the approach and go on the proactive offense instead?

Customer loyalty activities should start as soon as you onboard your clients.

For each customer loyalty activity, you will get help from your Allyy to choose who should be in the audience to achieve your desired success conversion rate within your policy for the spam rate limit.

Automated Loyalty With No Human Bias


With easy integration directly into your workflows, automate your loyalty initiatives with help from AI and automated machine learning to boost your retention rate.

Key Features

Data Connectors

Variable data structure where you can include all the particularities of your business

Automated Machine Learning Created For Selecting Audiences

Automated machine learning is more likely to find the right audiences for loyalty purposes compared to human logic

Easy Data Integration To Implement Generic Connectors

Possibility to connect to Google Analytics data to feed the machine learning models in a few simple steps

The Complete Automated Process From End to End

Daily operations without maintenance

Dashboards To Monitor The Processes

It’s possible to visualize all processes running successfully and showing results.

Easy Data Integration of Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows to connect processes