Content-Rich Website & App Recommendations

Show the most relevant content to each individual and boost
conversion and basket size.

Basket Size

Content Recommendations For Your Content-Rich Website

Each individual visitor is delighted to experience really relevant content on your content-rich website.

Also when your content is information and experiences – not products. identifies which content items are most relevant to every single individual, resulting in improved engagement, loyalty and sales.

Ultra-Precise Content Recommendations With Our “Cognitive Match”

We deliver individualized content recommendations based on the user’s profile and behaviour, no matter if your visitors are unidentified or identified.

With our unique use of AI, we create an individual cognitive profile that is used to find and rank the most relevant content for each individual. We call it a “Cognitive Match”.

Our proprietary content algorithm, Cognitive Match, accounts for more than 70% of the content recommendation precision.

Content Recommendations Improve While You Sleep

With an automated process from end to end, lean back and enjoy the results with a truly individually tailored customer experience. continuously learns from results and improves content recommendations.

Connect To The Tools & Data You Already Have

Easy-to-implement generic data connectors act as the enablers of data flow.

Feed the data to, let deploy and create models, to feed the content recommendations back to your desired feature block.

Short time to market guaranteed.

Key Features

Automate Showcasing An Individualized Variety of Your Content to Visitors

Articles, links, images, events, etc., are matched with each individual profile to showcase the most relevant content

Machine Learning Models Created for Individualization

Automated machine learning algorithms optimized for website and app content recommendation

Filter Content Based on Individualized Filters

Customize the results of the individualization by filtering on some specific values

Filter Website & App Content Based on Dynamic Geolocation Filters

Filter locations close to the user and sort them by their relevance

Matching Profiles to Content

Profiles are built using natural language understanding and image analysis of your content

Dashboards to Monitor The Results

Visualize an overview of all results to monitor success

Web Feed Infrastructure for Individualization

Allyy has a scalable infrastructure that supports multiple requests/users with very low latency

Ease of Integration

Automated Workflows to connect processes