Email Content Recommendations 

Choose the most relevant content for each individual and
boost your e-mail CTR.

Click Through Rate

Ultra-Precise Content Recommendations With Our “Cognitive Match”

We deliver individualized content recommendations based on the user’s profile and behavior, no matter if your visitors are unidentified or identified.

With our unique use of AI, we create an individual cognitive profile that is used to find and rank the most relevant content for each individual. We call it “Cognitive Match”.

Our proprietary content algorithm, Cognitive Match, accounts for more than 70% of the content recommendation precision.

“We use’s recommendations directly and fully automated in ActiveCampaign.

It is easy and fast to individualize content in this way.”

Nicolai Bille Harpsøe Frets
Marketing- and Event Coordinator at Ringsted Music and Congress Center

Individual Content for a Better Email CTR 

Increase engagement with your email subscribers by automatically picking the most relevant content for each newsletter recipient. uses AI instead of human-biased rules. This way, you can skyrocket your email CTR.

We create an individual cognitive profile of your users based on their profile and response behavior. We use it to find and rank the most relevant content for each individual.

Avoid Spam

Flip the approach 180 degrees, and let our Machine Learning predict the right audience and performance for a specific email you have already crafted.

Be inbox considerate by becoming an Allyy, and avoid spamming subscribers with content that is irrelevant to the individual.

Recommendations Directly Into Your Email Tool connects to some of the leading email tools in the market and continuously expands the list of connectors.

With an automated process from end to end, lean back and enjoy the results from a truly individually tailored experience.

Key Features

Individualized Content for Email Subscribers Done Simple

Build your emails in a more simple way, and your subscribers will receive individualized content

Connectors To Use Recommendations Directly in Email Tools

Recommendation data will be available for each of your subscribers directly in the email tool

Not a “Rip & Replace” Solution

No need to change the way you work sending emails

Matching Individual Profiles & Content

Profiles are built using natural language understanding and image analysis of your content

Machine Learning Models Created for Individualization

Automated algorithms that have been optimized for recommendation purposes, so you can drive your email CTR

The Complete Automated Process From End To End

Daily operations without maintenance

Easy Integration Into Standard Data Tools

Connect to Google Analytics data to feed the machine learning models in a few simple steps

Dashboards To Monitor The Results

It’s possible to visualize that all processes are running successfully